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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2004|04:22 pm]
[mood |surprisedsurprised]
[music |amity]

um today was okay, well not realy, i woke up around 2;30 in the morrning when i usually wake up @ 5;30!!! and i didnt do this purposly. i woke up and my whole body just hurt sooo bad, and i had a ear ache and a head ache, and everthing just hurt so bad! so i took a bunch of meds. and i layed down and watched tv untl ;530!! and i got ready like i usually did after that! um,the onlt thing different about the morrning was that when i got up cuz my bus was comming i fell down the front steps (the ones to my front door, and i sat ther woundering if i should get up or not. and i thought, i mine as well, cuz i have to go to skool to get my work i missed n stuff over the past 2 days! the bus ride was okay, um i got off the bus and talked to kerrick(hes da man haha) and lil taylor.. bothe freshmen.andrea (who i share a locker with so we wit 4 eachother in the morrnings cuz we are always together) got there late cuz of her bus, so i hung out with john and fronzie (chris) and ryan( i am pretty sure sowwie idk) and we all sat down, i talked to isabel, and mostly john in the morrning, um then adriana came over, amd finally andrea found her way over! every one kept asking if i was high, cuz i was dased from the meds i have to take to get better, they r all so silly, and i 4 got 2 say!!!! guess what i talked to kerrick about!! how since him and taylor are on the cross crunchy team and they have to where thoes itty bitty shorts, well i asked them a few questions, you can prob guess! haha, crazy kids! and um i talked to mason and waffle b 4 and after homeroom! ummm mason again after well i see mason after like every period, so i wont have to keep typing that. um someone grabbed matts ass.. and blamed it on mason (sorry buddy) haha! and then after 5th i think i saw waffle, kool and i couldnt help it( haha u know what im talking about kido and thats all that matters.. and its nothing big so shut up other people i dont even invite to read this haha) and ummmmmm i tripped like so many times and cooked pumpkin/ chocolate chip muffins!!! how fun haha! i have no clu what i am doing 2 morrow! if i go out it will prob b with adriana, cuz we were kinda talking about it, idk, i am supposed to call her tonight! i will update later k <3 ttyl

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calm down theres always tomorrow!!!!! [Oct. 20th, 2004|11:17 am]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |such great hights.. the postal service]

okay hah u guys are crazy i didnt die!!! obviously, i wiill be @ skool 2 morrow! the whole thing was i ate chocolate, and i am allergic to it, but everything is all good if i take these pills, well i took the wrong ones! and so i almost had to go to the hospital, but my mommy got me new meds. and i was okay, besides the fact that i also got the flu.... idk how but it happened! ummmmm so yea thats why i am out of skool. not cuz i over dosed on ice... some people make up the lamest stories!!! haha n e who, i am looking 4 ward to going to skool 2 morrow, 2 get you all sick, haha, i told mason that 2 but he says he dosent care, haha, and i love how only some people caaled me to make sure i was realy okay>>>><<<< thanks alot guyz!!!!!
okay,, yea..
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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2004|03:21 pm]
im going going back to cali cali!!!!! haha omg like either x mas or thanksgivving break im going bak 2 cali all u fukers!!! haha! im soooo excited! i love it! i will tie up some loose ends out there ! haha! and yea out here... um lets c whats goin on, @ skool nothing realy.. haha, this year is kinda going by slow/ but rtealy fast all at the same time! 4 thoes of u i didnt show i got my belly button pierced again! on the bottom !! haha

ttyl kidos
<3 ya
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2004|03:15 pm]
[mood |sademo]

hey, im home from skool, idk, there r alot of weird things going on 2 day!!! i keep being confused about who i like, the guy i sayd i totaly hated now, idk if i hate him n e more, he looked at me and i like just 4 gave him! call me a sucker 4 idk what color eyes he has, i have never been that close 2 him, oh well, when i am not around him i can say i dont like him perfectly fine, but when i am around him i cant help it, hes such a qt!!! but then the other guy!!!1 gasp!!! <3 !!!!! haha, and the other guy knows i am alive but is toooooooooo cool to prenend to c me! oh well he is still sexi!!! but yea, i am realising the guy i like dosent like me the way i like him! boooo! haha i am used to this shit! and yea i dont feel like talking n e more! bye.. oh yea... if n e 1 wants 2 do sumthing... i have nothing to do! i am a loser! haha!.. not realy funny but u know


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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2004|09:40 am]
yea well n e who i am in the comp lab. and i am done with my test so i am here, lets c ther is no 1 i know in her, haha, like i sayd there wouldnt b, this morrning i was sitting with mason and andrea and every1 but john and adriana were like lets go sit bi waffle,and shawn... so i got up left mason and andrea, sowwie! and sat overe there by them, um the the bell rang, um... i went to my class which was all the way down stairs!! booo. how stupid huh.. hehe. okay well i am bord and i think i can get introible 4 updating my l/j cuz its cummunication with the outside worl haha. ttyl! and yea.. nvm! bi
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what a mean face!!! [Oct. 13th, 2004|06:04 am]
okay.... some guys are still on the list!!!!!!!!! yeahhhh!!! not realy.. and there is a guy who i kinda like and is bordering making the list, but he is always bitchy about how i dont like him and stuff. and it pisses me off. but yea. 1 guy was kicked off the list 4 good. he is a gigantic pecker face. no joke! the guys i still like !! hehe im not telling n e 1! well like 1 person wait, like 3 people know but they are not going to tell n e 1 so yea.. good. i am going to go now!!! i dont want to be late 4 the pre exiting exam!!! sitting in a room 4 like 3 hours!!! yeahhhhh!. i hope there is a hott guy in there 4 me 2 make out with... j/k !!! but yea i am never i a room with hott guys! except when we were in testing 4 the juniors! hi waffle (what a qt)okay hun well i g2g
bi bi my love
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gasp sexi [Oct. 12th, 2004|07:51 pm]
omg!!!! GUESS WHAT I AM TALKING TO WAFFLE RIGHT NOW, OMG SEXINESS RIGHT! hehe, and he says he want to make out, not realy i just though i would make this entry interesting>>> oh yea HI ROBERT!!! every 1 say hi ... j/k BAK OFF I WILL HURT U ...haha sowwie i am just REALYYYYYYY hyper
xoxoxo g2g my mom is calling me not realy i just dont feel like typing
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he just wasnt 4 me i guess [Oct. 12th, 2004|03:32 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |co&ca]

okay the 10th grader i had a total crush on, yea totaly isnt cute any more, like the things he says bother me, everything that was cute now pisses me off. i loved his hair, his eyes, the way he dressed. the cute little comments. but its all bull shit. hes fake. there r soooo many things i could say right now on how he is a fake person, but then every 1 would know EXACTLY who this person is and ony 1 person knows. and i intend on keeping it that way! so yea, i liked another kid, and yea things areent going well with that n e more. things with mick and i are okay.. we are still like best friends and we still dont know when hes will b out here. um, mason and i, we are doing well, suprisingly, we havent been fighting! haha, so yea that is good. um as 4 the liking thing, i dont even know n e more, most of the boyz out here r 222222222 much dramma so i think i am just going to quit this game called love, its tireing!
my mom has 2 work 2 night, so i will b on the phone and online so call me, and/or/ im me and i will give you my # cuz u might b cool, idk alot of crazy people read my journals... haha
okay ttyl kidos
bye bye
bi sexual---
sowwie im bord
---- melisssssa
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2004|10:13 pm]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |co&ca]

okay, i am confused,
how many people can you love @ 1 time and it still be true?
how many people can love you @ 1 time or does it matter?
can you love someone without even knowing their name?
why do ugly dumb freshmen gurlz get all the guys i like?
why do i tend on liking younger guys?
why did it all of a sudden become hawt as hell 4 hott guys 2 kiss?
why dont all hott guys whear tight pants?
why do i only attract either total ugly, totaly creepy, or total klingy guys?
why is it the one time you want that person to be online they arent???
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omv check oout new a dead letter promise<> RIGHT NOW BEOTCH [Oct. 7th, 2004|07:23 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]

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